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  • 13 MarREMINDER TO PLEASE SIGN IN- If you are in our school grounds during the day, a reminder to sign in at the office and collect a badge-it is very important for the safety of our students that all visitors are easily identifiable to all staff. Thank you
  • 13 MarATTENDANCE - PLANNED LEAVE FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME -If you are planning to take your child/children on holiday for a period where they will be away for longer than 10 days from school, you will need to complete an exemption form-available from Office
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Everton Park State School

Welcome to our School

I feel incredibly privileged to be Principal of Everton Park State School.  It is a school full of enthusiastic, talented and committed people – students, staff and parents at our school are committed to their environment, to learning and most of all to each other.  
At Everton Park State School we foster a culture of learning and care in which all children are valued for the diversity, skills and talents they have.  I am committed to the development of the full potential of each and every child.
Everton Park State School is an important hub of this community.  Our school achieves outstanding academic and sporting results and our staff and community are committed to a wide range of programs in the academic, sporting, musical and citizenship areas.  While our curriculum priorities centre on literacy, numeracy and science, our students are provided with a broad range of enriching learning opportunities and experiences.
A Plan for Responsible Behaviour for Students, in line with the Department of Education and Training Code of Behaviour, has been developed with student, teacher and parent input. This includes a set of expectations about behaviour. We focus strongly on encouraging students to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and in teaching them to be self-managed and make responsible choices.
As Principal, I am deeply committed to the development and achievement of high standards in academic and social learning.  Working together we can ensure that we instil a love of learning and allow every student to experience 'Success with Honour'.  Please take up our genuine invitation to be involved in the classrooms and in all other aspects of our school.  I look forward to our partnership and hope that your association with the school is a long and happy one.
Aminta Miller

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